Machine Knit-able : Sedona Sunset Wrap | Shawl

Sedona Sunset Wrap

Sedona Sunset Wrap

Sedona Sunset Wrap was designed to maximize the stunning effect of the Chroma Twist colorways, where each yarn ply is individually dyed before being spun together. Simple textures and lace patterns allow the saturated and subtle color shifts to flow and fade into one another.

This piece is a wide rectangular wrap, worked flat and on the bias. It consists of three sections. The Increasing Section begins with a point and increases along both right and left edges. The Mid Section decreases along the right edge and increases along the left edge. The Decreasing Section decreases along both right and left edges, ending in a point.

HK Original
MK Substitute
Knit diagonal No problem on the machine!
Garter Ridges Hand manipulate, RTR (Remove, Turn, Rehang ), transfer stitches to the ribber or ignore
Eyelets A little hand manipulation is so worth the effort!
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