Machine Knit-able : Shawl

Rippled Waters Wrap|Shawl MK pattern
Rippled Waters Wrap

Inspired by soothing waters kissing the coast in the summer breeze, Rippled Waters is a gorgeous wrap to envelop your shoulders over a sweet sundress during the summertime.

Light, open lace on each end with a strip of Twisted Rib (Full Needle Rib) in the center creates a unique shape with each end gently fanning out.

Reader's Wrap|Shawl MK pattern
Reader's Wrap

Simple knitting to keep you warm.
Use the pockets to stash your phone, Kindle or earbuds.

Choose a plain or fancy stitch pattern and add texture along the edges in for the pockets.

Knit this in a fraction of the time than hand knitting.

The Knit it Now pattern will help you calculate the needed stitches and rows. Use the Perfect Fit sizing to make it your own!
Plus use the Mix 'n Match Gauge feature to get the pockets just right, no matter what stitch pattern you use.

3 Color Stole|Shawl MK pattern
3 Color Stole

Lightweight shawl with modern, plaid appearance.
This is an easy way to dust off / learn intarsia on the machine.

Butterfly Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Butterfly Shawl

The "butterfly" shape of this shawl keeps the knitting interesting. The neck shaping helps keep it on your shoulders and creates an attractive soft faux collar.

Any size, any stitch pattern, any yarn, any machine ... make it your own!

Rejilla Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Rejilla Shawl

Rejilla—the Spanish word for “grids”—perfectly describes the lace pattern used for this shawl, an easy triangular piece that adds the right amount of visual interest to any outfit.

Sedona Sunset Wrap|Shawl MK pattern
Sedona Sunset Wrap

Sedona Sunset Wrap was designed to maximize the stunning effect of the Chroma Twist colorways, where each yarn ply is individually dyed before being spun together. Simple textures and lace patterns allow the saturated and subtle color shifts to flow and fade into one another.

This piece is a wide rectangular wrap, worked flat and on the bias. It consists of three sections. The Increasing Section begins with a point and increases along both right and left edges. The Mid Section decreases along the right edge and increases along the left edge. The Decreasing Section decreases along both right and left edges, ending in a point.

Dragon Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Dragon Shawl

From the archives: Lots of knitters had fun with this pattern. Fairly easy knitting, it's an "instant gratification" type project.

Why should hand knitters have all the fun? Quickly knit your Dragon Shawl kit on your knitting machine.

  • Watch as we knit our Dragon (mistakes and all)
  • Learn/refresh techniques needed to knit your Dragon
  • The ONE best tip for success
  • The Course is Free for Subscribers Reg $12.99
The Purl Thief|Shawl MK pattern
The Purl Thief

Take a simple lace idea and turn it into something special! Although the original was knit in garter stitch (knit every row), this one is sooooo machine knit-able! (and customizable)

Seashore Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Seashore Shawl

A modern twist on traditional lace, simple bands of bobbles and eyelet garter stripes make up this shawl’s body. Beautiful washes of color fade into one another as this crescent shawl takes shape. A delicate Picot Bind Off is worked in a contrast color to finish the edge.

Starlight Stole|Shawl MK pattern
Starlight Stole

In this easy pattern, simple bands in two colors reach glamorous heights when one is a silvery metallic made to catch the light.

Staggered Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Staggered Shawl

The graphic details of this shawl make the colors pop! Stagger the colors with just a little intarsia for a shawl that's more than just plain 'ol stripes.

Catamaran Shawl|Shawl MK pattern
Catamaran Shawl

Light and airy eyelets combined with grounded stripes create a wonderfully wearable accessory. The stunning asymmetrical Catamaran shawl is knit from corner to corner.

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