Machine Knit-able : Hat

Fitted Watch Cap|Hat MK pattern
Fitted Watch Cap

Here's a fitted cap with shaping at the top that's not too hard to knit.
Skills needed:

  • Knit an accurate swatch
  • Cast on
  • Bind off
  • Mattress stitch

Consider this a blank canvas for your creativity. Add texture, and color, ribbing or hem ... you are the designer1

No-Float Fairisle Hat|Hat MK pattern
No-Float Fairisle Hat

Let the yarn do all the work. No floats or programming!

One generous (150gram) ball will knit hat, cowl and fingerless mitts.
Or knit 2 hats!

Rosier Cloche|Hat MK pattern
Rosier Cloche

Chic, fashionable, timeless. The cloche was invented in 1908 and especially popular in the 1920s. Derived from the French word for "bell", the cloche is meant to be worn low on the forehead and conformed to the head.

This knit version can be styled in 4 different ways - as a cloche, a bonnet, a bucket hat, or as a cap with the bill in front.

Margot Striped Beret|Hat MK pattern
Margot Striped Beret

Elevate your style with our two-color beret featuring playful stripes! This chic accessory adds a bold, modern twist to a classic style

The single row stripes are easy to knit on the machine. Choose contrasting colors or consider blending a self-striping yarn with a solid color for a unique design.

Target Beret|Hat MK pattern
Target Beret

Target is a sweetly feminine beret that features a striped rib brim and a concentric circle design.

Pony Tail RTR Hat|Hat MK pattern
Pony Tail RTR Hat

Knit a simple hat with RTR (remove, turn, rehang) on any machine to provide beautiful texture and a hole for a messy bun or ponytail.

Deco Hat|Hat MK pattern
Deco Hat

Art deco is a style of decorative art developed in the 20's, noted for it's use of geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines, and bold colors... all of which perfectly describe the Deco hat.

Perennial Beret|Hat MK pattern
Perennial Beret

Perennial is a versatile and sweet beret that can suit any season depending on color choice. The design is a classic beret shape with dual color ribbing and a row of stranded flowers.

Yes! It's machine knit-able!

Holiday Stocking Cap|Hat MK pattern
Holiday Stocking Cap

This adorable hat is perfect for the Holiday Season or any time of year. It makes a great prop for photos or is perfect for everyday wear.

Boreal Hat|Hat MK pattern
Boreal Hat

Take a simple hat shape (it's just a rectangle), add a beautiful stitch pattern, play with color and you'll have a quick-to-knit-on-the-machine project!

Santa Hat|Hat MK pattern
Santa Hat

This hat style can be knit as a Santa Hat or extended for a L-O-N-G built-in scarf.

Amanita Hat|Hat MK pattern
Amanita Hat

This is a great pattern for beginners to practice RTR (remove, turn, rehang)

The brim is worked in 2 x 2 ribbing. Knit this by hand, and rehang, use your ribber or hand manipulate the ribbing.

The main body is worked in stockinette and reverse stockinette stripes in contrasting colors.

Toasty Brioche Hat|Hat MK pattern
Toasty Brioche Hat

The original hat is hand knit in a brioche technique. If you've ever hand-knit brioche, you know it takes a lot of concentration!

Knit it in Fisherman Rib on the machine in a fraction of the time!

Self-striping yarn makes this hat special.

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