Machine Knit-able : Miscellaneous

Bento Bag|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Bento Bag

Knit a simple rectangle and add some clever folds for a unique bag shape.

Mossy Pillow|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Mossy Pillow

Who Needs Purl Stitches?

Tweedy yarn paired with a simple textured pattern creates a rustic, natural look for your home. A perfect project for beginners.

Flash Forward Blanket|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Flash Forward Blanket

Pops of color and strong angles transform a simple checkerboard motif into a bold design full of movement. Customize the color scheme and elevate your room d├ęcor.

Chai-Latte Set|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Chai-Latte Set

Choose a beautiful yarn and add some wintery stitch patterns for a set that is sure to please.

Gift giving season is right around the corner. As a machine knitter you can make a few of these sets in a fraction of the time of hand knitting them.

Townscape Pillow|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Townscape Pillow

Choose traditional holiday colors or copy the designer original ... it's your choice!

Liliiflora Mittens|Miscellaneous MK pattern
Liliiflora Mittens

Quickly knit mittens flat on the machine, the original hand knitting pattern beautifully combined self striping yarn with a solid contrasting yarn.

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