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Blueberry Buckle|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Blueberry Buckle

This oversized sweater features a relaxed fit, squishy Moss Stitch sleeves and the perfect pocket that will quickly be filled with tiny treasures.
The rolled collar adds a modern, casual finish.

Ruffled Strawberry|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Ruffled Strawberry

Make it special! Turn a classic square armhole shape into something special.
Although the sample includes hand knitting, this project could be done entirely on the machine.
Add a collar with a picot bind off, add a sweet ruffle at the hem for a feminine touch.

Baby Pants|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Baby Pants

Easy Knitting, basic baby pants are sure to be hit for a gift at a baby shower.
Combine with a sweater, hat and socks for an extra-special gift.

Zigs and Zags Baby Jacket|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Zigs and Zags Baby Jacket

This baby jacket has great stitch texture and depicts the direction (zigging and zagging) that little ones often take when first discovering the joy of crawling and walking.

The jacket is designed to be excellent for both girls and boys.

Blue Jean Hoodie|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Blue Jean Hoodie

Easy to Knit unisex hoodie. Drop shoulder sleeves and practical hood make this a winner!

Use this basic style for inspiration. Add a kangaroo pocket, use an interesting stitch pattern, mix 'n match colors. You're the designer!

Soft and Stripey Baby|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Soft and Stripey Baby

Basic stripes decorate this simple mini pullover, and allow for plenty of fun personalization opportunities with color selection.

Buttons at the shoulder help with dressing younger tots, and can be added as decoration on the larger sizes.

Side-to-Side Stripes|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Side-to-Side Stripes

Knit side-to-side with an interesting stripe combination, this one will be sure to please.

Baby Belle|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Baby Belle

Basic Baby Sweater with pocket accents just for fun.

Flower Fence|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Flower Fence

The adorable Flower Fence Sweater is a perfect design for a growing little one. A graphic colorwork pattern of stripes and flowers adorn this pullover and the tonal colorways are sure to create lots of smiles every time it’s worn. Look closely, 4 colors are used for the graphic interest

Little Pine|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Little Pine

The Little Pine Sweater was inspired by all the beautiful pine trees here in the mountains--the designer's goal was the make a sweater that looked like a forest of pine trees. The name for the sweater comes from a nearby canyon which has many pine trees in it.

Machine knitters can substitute any textured stitch pattern.

  • G-carriage
  • Tuck
  • Slip
The contrast between the textured body and the plain sleeves makes this a winner!

Crosscut Pullover|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Crosscut Pullover

The Crosscut Pullover is a great little sweater with engaging construction. This sweater is knit in one piece – worked sideways from cuff to cuff. A fun, textured cable is carried up the sleeve to the neck opening, where the front and back of the sweater are then worked separately. After the neck width is reached, the front and back are rejoined, and the cable motif recommences.

Trailhopper Hat|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Trailhopper Hat

The best way to ward off the winds on chilly days is by wearing a perfectly adorable hat. Better yet, wear one with earflaps! Warm yet lightweight, this hat is ideal for breezy days. In addition to the earflaps, the Trailhopper hat boasts I-cord ties and a mock-cable ribbing.

Kids Summer Striped Hoodie|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Kids Summer Striped Hoodie

Bring on the bright colors for summer! This classic, unisex zip-up hoodie features bold stripes, diagonal front pockets, a separating zipper, and a pull cord in the functional hood.

It would work great for play dates or breezy days at the beach, and your little one will love the soft and comfy feel of the cotton/acrylic blend yarn

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