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Blueberry Buckle

Blueberry Buckle

This oversized sweater features a relaxed fit, squishy Moss Stitch sleeves and the perfect pocket that will quickly be filled with tiny treasures.
The rolled collar adds a modern, casual finish.

This cute-as-can be kids sweater is a perfect opportunity for being creative.

Use self-striping yarn for the body and a solid color for sleeves, bands and pocket

The designer used a textured stitch pattern for the contrast. Substitute a 1x1 tuck on the machine with the seed stitch of the original pattern.

NOTE: When using 2 stitch patterns, DON'T FORGET TO SWATCH. By hand or machine, Stockinette gauge can be VERY different than a textured stitch pattern.

The original design has a large neck opening, consider adding a buttoned shoulder or a buttons at the center back like our Tucked Baby buttoned back

Tuck Baby pattern
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