Machine Knit-able : Rippled Waters Wrap | Shawl

Rippled Waters Wrap

Rippled Waters Wrap

Inspired by soothing waters kissing the coast in the summer breeze, Rippled Waters is a gorgeous wrap to envelop your shoulders over a sweet sundress during the summertime.

Light, open lace on each end with a strip of Twisted Rib (Full Needle Rib) in the center creates a unique shape with each end gently fanning out.

This beautiful wrap is a perfect example of a machine knit-able! The lacy edges combined with a solid section of knitting are perfect.

You can knit your version of this in a fraction of the time to hand knit it.
Have fun knitting the lace sections by hand and the "boring" plain knitting on the machine.

HK Original
MK Substitute
Shawl/Wrap size Knit scarf or any size you like
Twisted Rib Knit full-needle rib for a warm, reversible wrap
Lace inserts Knit with a lace carriage or hand manipulate.
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