Machine Knit-able : Homestead Tank | Sleeveless

Homestead Tank

Homestead Tank

This airy top will be your companion layered over a flowy dress while you take in the warm breeze and bask in the sunshine. It’s simplicity at its best! The checkerboard motif is dotted with delicate lace diamonds. Buttons along the center back create a contemporary vibe for a classic design.

This tank is a simple shape that will inspire any sweater design.
The knit and purl checkerboard stitch pattern with the addition of some eyelets can be used for sleeveless sweaters, vests, cardigans or pullovers ... you're the designer!

The buttoned back adds interest and the sweater could be reversed for fun.

You can knit this on the machine!
  • Brother knitters: use a garter carriage
  • Hand manipulate the stitches ... it's still faster than knitting by hand
  • Use a ribber and transfer stitches between the beds
  • Choose ANY light and lacy stitch pattern

PLUS: This stitch pattern is reversible, so it would make a great scarf or shawl
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