Machine Knit-able : No-Roll Neckwarmer | Scarf

No-Roll Neckwarmer

No-Roll Neckwarmer

Banish the dreaded "stockinette curl" with one simple trick. Alternate stockinette and reverse stockinette for texture and interest for this infinity scarf that is both beautiful and practical.

Fast Knitting! No Roll ... seriously!

By definition, an infinity scarf or Mobius scarf has no beginning and no end. The challenge to knit one on a knitting machine is to create a reversible fabric. For single bed machines that means turning your work or reforming stitches.

This quick project creates a scarf that's not only reversible, but it has no stockinette curl.

Brush up or learn the skills needed to create reversible fabric and try an invisible seam worked on the knitting machine.

Bulky| 20 stitches | 130 rows | 6" x 30"

Mid-gauge 30 stitches | 170 rows | 5" x 28" | single crochet edge
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