Machine Knit-Ables: Curated designs from the hand knitting world. We give you ideas to use the original design's inspiration with your knitting machine.

Handsome Tuck|Men MK pattern
Handsome Tuck

Knit a fun, graphic sweater for the guy in your life. Or use a Knit it Now pattern for anyone!

Combine a simple sweater design with an amazing 2 color-stitch pattern.

Wild Dunes|Pullover MK pattern
Wild Dunes

Wild Dunes is an elevated thigh-length tunic or casual tee that pairs just as well over breezy linen pants for a beachside brunch or over a swimsuit for those bright beach days.

The A-line shaping is flattering and the deep side slits are comfortable

The piece is finished with an applied I-cord around the armholes, neck openings, and side slits.

Target Beret|Hat MK pattern
Target Beret

Target is a sweetly feminine beret that features a striped rib brim and a concentric circle design.

Baby Pants|Baby/Kids MK pattern
Baby Pants

Easy Knitting, basic baby pants are sure to be hit for a gift at a baby shower.
Combine with a sweater, hat and socks for an extra-special gift.

Peek-a-Boo Tee|Sleeveless MK pattern
Peek-a-Boo Tee

Take a simple 2 piece tee and use it as a canvas for your creativity.
Use this kit or choose your own yarn and make it your own!

Morning Sky Blanket|Blanket MK pattern
Morning Sky Blanket

Inspired by the colors of dawn, the Morning Sky striped baby blanket knitting pattern is both easy and fun!
If you are new to patterning and want to expand your skills beyond plain stockinette, then you will love this pattern, which incorporates the simple slip stitch to create a fun woven texture.
No matter what machine you have, slip stitch is machine knit-able!

Man's Zip Neck Pullover|Men MK pattern
Man's Zip Neck Pullover

One sweater, two ways: this casual Sweater can be worn zipped to the top for maximum cosy-ness or zip down for a more relaxed look.

The subtle texture of slip stitch, contrasted with smooth stocking stitch, adds interest to this sweater in a single classic shade.

The stitch pattern as shown can be knit by combining Flat rib with slip. But any textured stitch pattern can be substituted.

Silverlake Shirt|Pullover MK pattern
Silverlake Shirt

This over-sized, super-comfy (and super-easy!) shirt is knit in reverse stockinette stitch, which makes it great for knitting on a machine. For detail, the seams are on the outside.
The Silverlake Shirt can be casual or dressy, depending upon your choice of yarn.

Voyager Vest|Vest MK pattern
Voyager Vest

Take a simple garment shape and and easy stitch pattern and let a beautiful yarn do all the work.

No-Roll Scarf (Single Bed)|Scarf MK pattern
No-Roll Scarf (Single Bed)

Make it in an afternoon

Don't hide that seam! For a quick, no-roll scarf, double the knitting and use a decorative seam as a design element.

Pony Tail RTR Hat|Hat MK pattern
Pony Tail RTR Hat

Knit a simple hat with RTR (remove, turn, rehang) on any machine to provide beautiful texture and a hole for a messy bun or ponytail.

Deco Hat|Hat MK pattern
Deco Hat

Art deco is a style of decorative art developed in the 20's, noted for it's use of geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines, and bold colors... all of which perfectly describe the Deco hat.

Perennial Beret|Hat MK pattern
Perennial Beret

Perennial is a versatile and sweet beret that can suit any season depending on color choice. The design is a classic beret shape with dual color ribbing and a row of stranded flowers.

Yes! It's machine knit-able!

Holiday Stocking Cap|Hat MK pattern
Holiday Stocking Cap

This adorable hat is perfect for the Holiday Season or any time of year. It makes a great prop for photos or is perfect for everyday wear.

Holiday  Fairisle Stocking|Holiday Stockings MK pattern
Holiday Stockings
Holiday Fairisle Stocking

Use the sweetest colors of the season to create candy-cane stripes, holly, snowflakes, poinsettias, and more! This stocking’s stranded motifs are sure to guarantee a holly jolly holiday.

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