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Machine Knit Neckbands: Jazz em Up!

  • March 8, 2022
Bands around necklines, armholes or at hems don't have to be boring!
Add some interest by adding something extra where the bands meet the garment edge or along the Turning Row .

In this red and white example, we've played with a Chain Cast On and e-Wrap in these areas. We used a contrasting color too, although using the garment yarn (single or doubled) can create a more subtle element.

The Steps

Following are the steps for a one-piece band. You can apply this technique to any band style, just plan ahead!

1Shape your neckline with any method

2Establish the number of needles needed for your band

3E-wrap or chain cast on over those needles (main or contrasting yarn)

4Wrong side facing, hang the garment edge

5Knit your band (don't forget to grade the tension)

6Bind off or scrap off

7Fold and stitch the band in place

Play Audio

Add a little interest to your bands

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Do you need more practice with neckbands?

Practice Makes Progress!
    • An V
    • October 6, 2023

    love it !

    • Loretta M
    • March 8, 2022

    Well how cool is that? Love these tips and the reminders like not forgetting to add the extra stitch to the neckband. Thanks Sue!

    • Marie-Jo C
    • March 8, 2022

    Very successful result for this interesting project! I'll give it a try for my next garment. The contrasting colours are welcome and the steps are easy to follow. Thank you for this new idea! Marie-Jo

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