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DesignaKnit with Non Electronic Machines

  • July 24, 2022
With non-electronic machines you can use all of the features of DAK except downloading stitch patterns to the machine.

If you have a punchcard, or non-electronic knitting machine you can use the Interactive Knitting feature of DesignaKnit. Interactive Knitting is an electronic version of a Charting Device where you can create instructions to shape your knitting visually.

LK-150 Setup

The Setup

If you have a DAK cable for an electronic machine, you can use it to connect another machine. You can also purchase a Universal Cable for on-screen knitting. There are 3 parts to setting things up:

1Insert the USB Connection to a port on your computer

2Securely position the black box. (I've used a small container to raise it up) Using Velcro makes a secure, temporary connection

3Securely position the silver magnet arm to your carriage. (Make sure it passes close to the black box receiver, but doesn't hit the machine mast or row counter)

If you want to use DesignaKnit with a different machine, you can. It doesn't matter if your electronics don't work. Use DAK like a manual machine. In order to switch between machines, you can use the same cable set-up.
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