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5 Tips for Attaching Buttons to Knits

  • June 18, 2024
Because of the loose nature of knits and the sometimes fragile yarns used, special care needs to be taken when attaching fashion buttons to knits.
Add stability and protect your knit fabric, whether you are attaching a button to a single or double layer of knitting.

  • Add a second button on the inside of the garment. This is often a small, flat, clear plastic button.
  • Sandwich your knitting between the 2 buttons. This will put less strain on the knitting and will keep your buttons more secure
  • Use sewing thread or split your knitting yarn for an exact match for attaching the buttons.
  • Add a strip of interfacing (fusible or not) to the underside of the button area. If you are sewing buttons to a doubled band for example, slip a bit of non-woven interfacing between the layers to give shape to the band and stabilize the buttons.
  • Sew a spare fashion button in an inconspicuous place (a seam near the hem). This will allow the button to be laundered with the garment and may come in handy if one of the original buttons is lost.

Attaching buttons to your knitted garments requires careful attention to detail to ensure both stability and longevity. By taking these extra steps, you can protect your knitting from strain and keep your buttons securely in place.
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