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Japanese Notation for Machine Knitting

  • March 26, 2024

Japanese Notation (Garment Notation) displays abbreviated knitting instructions on a visual diagram of your garment piece. It can be used for increases, decreases or short row shaping.

Unless otherwise noted in your pattern, (not all designers use the same convention) the numbers are referring to stitches / rows /times

An instruction of 1-2-9 means (decrease, increase or hold) 1 stitch every 2 rows 9 times.

This example is from a pattern that is written in only 1 size


Knit it Now patterns don't use cryptic abbreviations. We spell it out so you don't have to translate! (and we only show 1 size at a time)

This example has multiple sizes and can be a bit confusing. The numbers in parenthesis (brackets) reflect alternate sizes.

The yellow highlighted instruction would read:

Size 1:
(1-9-4) Increase 1 stitch every 9 rows 4 times

Size 2:
(1-9-0) Increase 1 stitch every 9 rows 0 times

(1-9-0) Increase 1 stitch every 9 rows 0 times

In other words, size 2 and 3 only use the first 3 lines of the shaping instructions.

DesignaKnit will create Japanese Notation knitting instructions. Plus you can format the output to your liking.

DesignaKnit 8/9 Japanese Notation Formatting

DesignaKnit Garment (Japanese) Notation Format

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