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About Negative Ease

  • November 15, 2022

Negative ease = Foot measurement - finished sock measurement

Negative Ease for great fitting socks

When knitting sweaters, we add "ease" so the sweater doesn't cling.

It's important to make socks smaller so they take up less space in shoes. Customize your socks by adding Negative Ease

By making the circumference the sock smaller than the actual foot size, we rely on the stretch of knitting to keep the the feet warm and the socks comfortable to wear.

The Knit it Now Sock sizing chart helps you select your sock size and lists the actual foot measurements.
Because ease is so personal, we DO NOT add negative ease to our sock patterns. The default sizing shows foot circumference. It's up to you to modify the circumference measurement for negative ease.

A ribbed cuff may also need negative ease to let the ribbing "hug" the leg.

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