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Peek-a-Boo Kids| Baby/Kids MK pattern
Peek-a-Boo Kids

Knit side to side in one piece in self-patterning yarn, this happy knit is sure to please.

Elija| Baby/Kids MK pattern

The Elijah Cardigan takes inspiration from those magical childhood moments of looking towards the sky, counting clouds, and watching the leafy green tree tops sway under the blue sky.

Bright green garter ridges pop out of the contrasting hues of blue in this adorable striped sweater.

Knit using Deluxe Worsted Superwash this machine-washable yarn will welcome your little ones to do just what kids do! From exploring their surroundings to creating beautiful art, you’ll both be filled with joy while they’re wearing the Elijah cardigan!

This project is also a wonderful gift for a baby shower.

Penmanship Pullover| Baby/Kids MK pattern
Penmanship Pullover

"Penmanship Pullover" is a simple, pullover sweater in that harkens back to the paper on which students practice writing.

The color choices are yours.

Shown as a raglan shape, you can choose to knit any sleeve you like.

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