Knitting Machine Tips

Stripe Variation

  • December 26, 2023

You don't need an automatic patterning machine to create these transitions.
Just 2 rows can make a softer transition for stripes. Blend the colors without a punchcard or programming.
Cast on and knit first stripe in Main Color (dark grey)

  • Pull out every other needle
  • Set your carriage to slip Slip on your machine
    • Brother part buttons
    • Silver Singer - Slip cam setting
  • Knit 1 row (every other needle knits with Main Color/dark grey)
  • Carriage continues to slip
  • Thread carriage with Contrasting Color (White)
  • Pull alternating needles out (needles that just knit will slip)
  • Knit 1 row (every other needle will knit with Contrasting Color (White)
repeat 1 and 2 alternating the colors
  • Continue knitting the next stripe in the Contrasting Color (White)

  • Repeat this sequence between stripes as desired.

    No extra settings, punchard or programming is needed.

    Soften the transition between stripes
      • Sue J
      • January 7, 2024

      Yes, this can be done by programming your machine as well, that way you could put color 1 in feeder1 and color 2 in feeder 2, then program your machine to select every other needle, alternating the needles selected.

      • Kelle F
      • January 7, 2024

      Love the fade look of this. One color (main color) goes into feeder 1 slot and one color (next color) goes in feeder 2 slot on the carriage (on my SK 860) it may be called something different on your machine.

      • Beverly A
      • January 4, 2024

      Thanks Sue, for explaining that. I am still so unsure of myself when knitting. I keep thinking I should knit myself a real sweater, but I am so afraid to screw it up and waste all that good yarn.

      • Hilda B
      • January 2, 2024

      It really does make a difference to plain old stripes much nicer finish .

      • Sue J
      • January 2, 2024

      Hi Beverly, I've updated the instructions. I'm sorry they weren't clear. We can only knit with 1 color at a time unless you are using an automatic patterning machine (punchcard and electronics) for fairisle. Then you can thread up 2 colors and the machine will use each color as needed for the stitch pattern. For this stripe variation, you'll knit Color 1 over every other needle, then Color 2 over the alternating needles.

      • Beverly A
      • January 1, 2024

      When you say “thread up both colours”, do you thread each through a separate feeder, or both in the same feeder?

      • Marilyn N
      • December 30, 2023

      Definitely going to try this out. Makes a nice design also in the knitting.

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